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write what you need to know about dushime jean claude

many years go different peaple know dushime jean claude as an IT Enginner/ specialist


Many years ago dushime jean claude was IT engineer with different skills set. dushime jean claude was webmaster at akazikeza ltd as webdeveloper and maintain different task in network infrastructure. furthermore he was working in different area by handling different task like that described bellow.

  • Information security and database administrator Engineer

1.Design,support any company security system,x-ray luggage scanners,camera surveillance
2.Protect any company information and its infrastructure from external and internal treats.
4.Setting and testing new database and data handling system
4.create complex query definition that allow data to be extracted .
5.installing and testing new version of the DBMS

  • Network Administrator   

1.Maintain the network infrastructure including servers,firewalls,switches, telephone system and other equipment
2.Upgrade network component as new technology becomes available
3.plan and implement security measures in order to protect data,software and hardware





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