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2017’s Top Security Tools

Threats are rapidly growing and, just like everything else, tend to follow certain developments. Whenever a new type of threat is especially popular or money-spinning, many others of the same type will certainly follow. The best defenses need to mirror those trends so users get the most robust protection against the newest wave of threats.

In recent publish by Gartner, they have identified some most important categories in cyber security. To address those categories with advanced cyber security readiness, there are some top security tools having potential of addressing those categories in specific. The categories identified by Gartner are as follows:

Cloud Security
Remote Browser Protection
Endpoint security
Managed detection and response
Network Traffic analysis
OSS Security Scanning and Software Composition Analysis for DevSecOps

Our goal is to discover how cutting-edge cyber security products fare against the latest threats, hopefully helping you to make good technology purchasing decisions.


Modern deception platforms lay traps that point attackers to fake assets that are created by the deception product. The top most tools that are being used for deception includes TrapX Security, Cymmetria, illusive Networks, and TopSpin. These tools are highly used and recommended to bring high end security to network defenses.
Endpoint Security:

Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform targets the new breed of environmentally-aware malware. The idea is that most normal threats will be blocked by traditional antivirus and Minerva will stop anything that attempts to get around that protection. Moreover, it protects endpoint devices with trickery and deception.
Cloud Security:

Managing even a local data center is a tough job. Keeping a cloud secure is even more difficult. Lacework helps to filter all the chaos, removing false positives, and generating actionable threat intelligence in real-time for IT teams tasked with keeping their clouds secure.
Network Security:

To achieve network security, RedSeal is the best tool that offers powerful, passive network security. Initially, RedSeal was supposed to manage firewalls, but there product has evolved now to address future generation of threats and cyber attacking strategies. One should refer to RedSeal in order to achieve high end passive network security.

These tools are highly recommended to address those categories specified by Gartner for future cyber security evolvement and strategy’s enhancement. However, there are various other tools also available, its upto organization that what kind of protection they required and what’s their nature of business. There is no one-fit all solution available yet, security teams are required to explore as many solution that best fits their security requirements.

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